Wednesday, March 16, 2016

County Route 49 - Part 4

I continued on my driving tour of County Route 49. It had begun in the town of Hopkinton and taken me into the town of Stockholm. I passed this abandoned barn and silos:

And a classic brick farm house:

An old barn in deteriorating condition:

A farm house in excellent shape:

And a picturesque farm with small barns:

This appeared to be an Amish farm but I couldn't be sure:

  An elaborate barn from a bygone era:

And a house connected to a series of outbuildings. What I found really interesting was that tripod in the front yard. It appeared to be an old fashioned surface well, with the tripod used to haul up buckets of water:

Another old barn, this one holding up pretty well and apparently still in use:

A large farming operation:

When I reached the intersection of Route 54, I decided to end my driving tour. Right there at the corner was this old, abandoned home and general store:

And across the road was the Willis Cemetery, small but carefully tended. That was the end of my driving tour even though Route 49 continues on for a long way:

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