Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Horses Have Arrived!

It was delivery day and the truck and trailer backed up to my gate. The owner and his helper let down the ramp and began to lead the horses out of the trailer:

Remy (on the right) was perfectly compliant, but Blue (on the left) was more difficult. He didn't know where he was going, but he didn't think he wanted to go there. He'd never been away from his mother before, not once in all of his ten months of life:

But they put them in the two stalls inside the barn, Remy on the right and Blue on the left:

We locked the gates while the little horses tasted the new hay and water:

One last look at his babies:

Their former owner gave them some grain and an affectionate pat before leaving:

Then they helped me lift my riding mower up onto a wood block (because it had a flat tire), closed up their trailer and headed for home:

I had to nail up a piece of plywood, so I let the little horses out to explore their new barn while I worked in the their stall. I also petted them, brushed them, talked to them and lifted their legs so that they won't put up a fight when their hooves are trimmed:

I put them back into their stalls but returned many times during the first day, letting them out to play and brushing them again. They will have to stay inside the barn for awhile, until they become accustomed to me and comfortable in their new home:

One last photo, this time with Remy on the left and Blue on the right:


  1. So glad the new ponies arrived safely at their new home. The frequent and very special attention you gave them that first day will ease them into their new lives with their new family. (The Reds will look huge to them!) Have admired their new stalls. Clever design and strong, safe construction. Congratulations - and thanks for sharing!

  2. All best wishes for Blue and Remy in their loving new home!