Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Red Poll Girls

March did indeed come in like a lion, though the cows didn't seem to mind:

They withstood cold winds, snow and freezing rain:

And they ate frozen hay:

And stood around, chewing their cuds and looking cold:

But the weather began to warm up around the tenth of the month. Gracie seemed to be smiling:

Eating and cud chewing became easier, or at least more pleasant:

I continued to give them their morning grain, and Gracie continued to wolf hers down and then steal everyone else's:

But then it got really warm, enough so the ice and snow quickly melted. The sun came out and warmed us all in a most pleasant way:

There really wasn't any grass to eat yet, but the cows kept walking out into the field, enjoying the warming sun:

Grass or no grass, it felt good to lie down and soak up the rays:

I walked out into the field to snap some photos and both Scarlett and Gracie came to greet me - or perhaps just to watch me:

And then they went on about their bovine business and their socializing, happy that spring was finally arriving:

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