Friday, March 11, 2016

Dogs And Cats At Home

Bramble and Clover did some cuddling on one of the giant floor pillows. I'd removed the floor pillows for awhile because someone was peeing on them. After some passage of time, I tried putting them down again. So far, so good:

A big pileup of Seamus, Daphne and Clover - with Jack nearby:

The newly svelte and groomed Seamus played with little Jack out in the snow:

And then, back indoors, Fergus and Clover commandeered one of the floor pillows:

Daphne, Jack and Seamus in the kitchen. I'm sure they were hoping I was preparing something for them, but I was not:

Fergus, Clover and Jack on the fleecy dog beds:

Lots of playful fun out in the snow - Daphne, Seamus, Jack and Clover raced around and acted silly:

And then it was back to sleep:

Jack, the former terror of the Animal Shelter, has become a happy and (mostly) well behaved dog:

Seamus sure looks skinny sometimes, so much so that I've increased his rations a bit:

Daphne, Jack and Seamus in the living room, with Rocky the cat in the hallway:

And finally, a picture of all five dogs with Draco the cat:

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