Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pets At Home

March certainly came in like a lion, but I can't say it's become lamb-like yet. Maybe soon. Anyway, Seamus got a new haircut which shows off his newly svelte physique:

And all five dogs have been getting along famously, even sharing food bowls without any bickering. They are, left to right, Seamus, Daphne, Clover, Fergus and Jack:

Daphne, Seamus, Fergus and Jack, upstairs in the bedroom. I divide the room with baby gates because it helps to prevent peeing on the floor during the night. I'd noticed that when it happened, it was always on the far side of the room, which they seemed to consider "outside territory:"

Chirpy the parakeet, and Dixie, the guinea pig, also have cages in the bedroom (to keep them away from the cats):

Jack, Seamus and Daphne in the kitchen, by the front door:

This collection contained all five dogs plus two of the cats, Draco and Bramble. The disturbing thing is that after I took this photo, I thought, "That doesn't look like too many pets. I could probably fit in a few more." But don't worry, I plan to restrain myself:

Looking from the kitchen through the hall into the living room. Draco was in the kitchen, Seamus in the hallway, Bramble in the living room by the rocking chairs:

My "Top-O'-The-Steps Greeting Committee:

Also at the top of the stairs and the top of the tallest cat tree is Georgette, though she's been coming downstairs more often lately:

I was taking a mid-afternoon nap one day with my camera on the nightstand and awoke to see that I was being watched. The sad part of this photo is that Chirpy's cage, by then, was empty. He died earlier in the week and his cage has remained empty ever since:

You'd think I'd have trouble sleeping, wouldn't you? But I guess I've become used to it and would, in fact, have trouble sleeping if they weren't all there:

Bramble, again on one of his favorite observation posts. Or maybe he's saying goodbye as this post comes to an end:

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