Monday, March 14, 2016

County Route 49 - Part 2

I was touring County Route 49 and was still in the town of Hopkinton (see also yesterday's post), though I'd soon pass into the town of Stockholm:

This old barn sat, unused and growing weeds, off the road a bit. Notice the old fashioned weather vane:

This extremely large house, in the settlement of Fort Jackson (in the town of Hopkinton), has been being renovated ever since I moved here and it's beginning to look good:

Alas, this old church has been abandoned for many years. It was for sale not too long ago but is no longer listed. I wonder if someone will turn it into a home?

An old fashioned horse trailer was parked along the side of the road:

A classic farm house with working chimney, metal roof and two porches:

A small barn, now a garage:

Two steel barns, hiding behind the pine trees:

A house covered with board and batten, with two large porches:

Two old barns, apparently no longer used:

A very nice house with more porches. That's the style up here:

And even the new homes are built with porches. But there was still a lot more to see on even this short stretch of Route 49, so I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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