Thursday, March 10, 2016

Update On The Red Poll Girls

Gracie watched me with curiosity while I cleaned up the manure and mess the herd had left in the barn overnight. You'd have thought she'd show some remorse, but apparently she thinks it was all the other cows' fault:

The herd normally stays right near the hay bale feeder, but one day decided to go exploring. Perhaps they'd hoped to find some grass. If so, they were quickly disappointed:

Right back to the bale feeder:

They eat their hay, and then eat it again as they chew their cuds:

Jasmine and Gracie kept an eye on me as I tried to walk through the snow, ice and frozen cow pies without falling:

The cows mostly sleep outside, but after a really cold, windy and/or wet night, I may find them sleeping in the barn. I leave the barn door open at night in the winter to give them the choice:

But they have no fear of sleeping on the cold, cold ground. It usually doesn't seem to bother them:

And snow doesn't bother them:

This is what breakfast time looks like in the morning after they've slept outdoors in a snowstorm:

I removed the bale feeder from around this hay bale to make it easier for the cows to get at the good stuff:

And they burrow right inside the bales to find the hay which is dry and unfrozen:

Sometimes there's a veritable feeding frenzy outdoors. All in all, the girls have fared well this winter and may even be a bit fat. That's a good thing in a cow:

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