Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pictures Of A Crystalline World

The first day after the ice storm I had to drive to town for more diesel fuel. I took the gravel road so I could snap pictures of ice covered trees along the way:

The first part of the road was lined with birch trees, most of which were so heavy with ice that they'd bowed their tops all the way down to the ground:

Birch trees seem not to be hurt by this, at least not while they're young and limber, for it happens frequently:

And besides, it's awfully pretty, giving the impression of birch trees dancing a winter ballet:

I passed by an old gate into an unused field:

And from there the road took me through woodlands where every branch was covered with ice:

Pines, Maples and Beech trees:

A wintry filigree of ice:

The icy forest:

The pines and spruces were also covered with ice but had retained a load of snow in addition. They must surely have been bearing a lot of weight:

I purchased my diesel fuel and began driving home on the county road, passing by this Amish field with outbuildings:

There were icicle covered bushes all along the road, a veritable winter wonderland. But I'd taken enough pictures and had lots of work to do, so I put away my camera and finished the journey home:

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