Monday, February 29, 2016

Moira-North Lawrence Road - Part 1

It was a lovely, albeit cold, morning and I had to drive to the feed store. I decided to take full advantage of the sunlight with a driving tour and headed east to Moira and then north on Mill Street. From there I turned west onto the Moira-North Lawrence Road, also known as Franklin County Route 6. My first picture was of what I thought was a stone house. But I took a closer look when I edited the photo and now think it was a brick home which may have been covered with mortar at one point:

A lovely barn in good condition, surrounded by beautiful winter scenery:

A large farm house which, I guessed, was an older home with extensive modernization. It sure looked homey:

A very large barn which was showing its age but clearly was still actively used in farming:

Another comfortable, inviting farm house:

Horse drawn farm equipment in what turned out to be an Amish farm:

The Amish farm house and barn:

This old building left me guessing. It appeared to be built out of adze-dressed logs and was likely someone's cabin way back in time. But the modern window and solid roof meant the owner was keeping it in good shape. Maybe they still used it for a summer cottage:

A large farm house behind old Sugar Maples. Icicles were hanging from the eaves:

All the comforts of modern farm life, with fuel tanks, insulated overhead doors and a wood burning furnace:

A wonderful, comfortable looking farm house with a nice front porch:

This house had the look of old New England, and I shouldn't have been surprised as this was pretty darn close to Vermont. But there was a lot of road left to see, so I kept driving. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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