Sunday, February 7, 2016

Franklin County Routes 7 & 8, Town Of Moira New York

I was passing through the area northeast of home when I decided to take a driving tour of a local road. It looked interesting on the map, so I turned north onto County Route 7 in the village of Brushton. I passed by this forlorn, abandoned home and wondered who used to live there:

A small farm with a green barn:

A variety of outbuildings:

At some point (I can't remember where in relation to the photos), I hooked eastward onto County Route 8 and passed this old barn with the colorful, patchwork roof:

I'm not sure what "The Barn" was used for, but I'd guess it was not for livestock:

Another old barn:

This classic scene was typical and, I thought, attractive and homey:

Two barns and a silo:

A farm house with lots of additions and a collection of outbuildings:

A log home, painted mustard yellow:

An old barn whose roof was beginning to collapse and its modern replacement. The farms were few and far between on this road and the sunlight was making photography difficult, so I decided to try elsewhere. I'll post about that tomorrow:

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