Friday, February 26, 2016

Update On The Household Pets

It's been a comfy winter for the household pets, and this collection of Daphne, Clover and Jack would be a good example of what it has been like for them:

Bramble rested up high, where he could keep an eye on Seamus and Fergus down below:

Feeling pretty smug and good about yourself, Bramble?:

All five dogs and Bramble in the farm house kitchen. I was about to go outdoors and they were hoping to go with me. They didn't get to, as I had chores to do:

Seamus has taken to resting beneath a window and over a heat register, in just the right spot so that his head rests between my two hanging gloves. He looks, at first glance, like a mini-moose:

Slumber party - Clover, Daphne, Seamus and Fergus:

Chirpy the parakeet seems to have hurt his feet. There wasn't anything I could do for him, but he was smart enough to discover a notch on a branch where he could sit on his butt, keeping his feet in the air and giving them a rest. When necessary, he also grabs onto the bars of the cage with his beak for stability:

All five dogs on the fleecy dog beds. Notice that the big floor pillows are no longer there. That's because someone was peeing on them. I removed them for about a month and am just now giving them another try on the floor. I'm hoping they won't get peed on anymore but the verdict, as of this writing, is still out:

All five dogs in their fenced yard. It's hard to imagine any winter days without snow around here, but we've had quite a few this year:

Jack, Clover, Bramble and Daphne on the newly reintroduced floor pillow. No pee yet:

Bramble, again up high so he could keep a watchful eye on us. One never knows what mischief we might get into without his supervision:

Clover, Daphne, Bramble and Fergus:

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