Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Garvin Road, Brushton New York - Part 2

I was touring Garvin Road in the town of Moira, just north of the village of Brushton, New York (see also Part 2, posted yesterday). I passed by this traditional farm house and barn. Everything looked cold:

A very large barn and silo, but it appeared as if they were no longer used:

A herd of beef cattle, Herefords and Angus:

A big, ultra modern farm:

And a lovely wooden barn with sheep:

As I neared the highway, I saw this corn crib, all filled for the winter and with wrapped hay bales behind it:

A giant old barn and silos:

Across the road, a prosperous looking farm:

I'd come to the end of Garvin Road and turned onto the highway towards home. But just before I put my camera away, I snapped a photo of this handsome barn and silos:


  1. I was a city kid from Queens N.Y. Who spent a summer working on a small dairy farm in Moira or Brushton. The farm owner was a man named Kingsley. The Little Salmon River bordered the farm. The first picture may have been the farmhouse where I spent the summer. It would have been 1970.

    1. It must have been an interesting summer for a city kid. Thank you for adding your memories to this post.