Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Dogs In The Brasher State Forest - Part 1

I visited the Akwesasne Mohawk Cultural Museum a couple of weeks ago, taking rural roads nearly the entire way, and passed by what appeared to be trails into a section of Brasher State Forest which I had never seen before. So one day I loaded the dogs into the car and drove back there to give those trails a try:

I parked on the shoulder of the road and let the dogs out. We entered a forest of Red Pines and the dogs were ecstatic:

Daphne, Jack and Clover sniffed interesting smells:

And Fergus joined them for some exploration off the trail:

Seamus, his newly svelte body bursting with energy, ran and played with the little dogs as if he was a youngster again:

Jack ran continuously, often with his nose to the ground. I began to fear he'd collide with a tree but he never did:

I called the dogs and we all left the trail to explore the forest a little bit - but not too far off the trail. I didn't want to get lost again:

There were, apparently, even more interesting things to smell off the trail:

But we soon returned to the trail to continue on our way:

This trail ended in a loop and we had no choice but to return to the car by retracing our steps. I had seen another trail along the road, though, and I planned to give it a try next. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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