Monday, February 8, 2016

Garvin Road, Brushton New York - Part 1

My driving tour of County Routes 7 and 8 was not panning out, so I turned onto Garvin Road to return me to the main highway and go home. But I quickly realized that Garvin Road was rural and scenic, just right for photos:

There were snowy fields, littered with farm equipment:

A sugar house, all ready for springtime with a big pile of firewood:

A beautiful, New England style farm house and barn, surrounded by big old Sugar Maples:

A collection of barns, silos and grain bins:

This farm had lots of the "dog houses" in which calves are often raised, but they were empty. In fact, I saw no livestock at all:

A very large, classic barn - but there were lots of places where the cold winds were blowing through it:

Silo, barn, tractor and modern garage:

A traditional farm house and barn. They won't be needing that lawn tractor for another few months yet:

Most of the landscape was flat, open fields, covered with snow and buffeted by the wind. Garvin Road was rather short, but there was a lot to see and photograph. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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