Monday, February 22, 2016

South Bombay To Moira, New York - Part 2

I'd been photographing scenic old farms on Franklin County Route 17 in the town of Moira (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). I passed by this old barn, now a garage for farm equipment:

This ultra modern building looked space age and I supposed it to be an equipment shed. I also didn't know what the piece of farm equipment in the foreground was:

A lovely pair of old barns:

These old structures are beautiful but won't be around forever. Now is the time to photograph them and appreciate their beauty:

This house was nearly hidden behind Cedar trees. I thought it might be occupied, but when I got home and looked at the picture, decided it probably was not:

This appeared to be modern dairy farm although, once again, I saw no animals:

A busy operation:

I was almost back to the highway when I spotted this sleekly designed barn with its matching shed. It was on a stone foundation which had begun sliding downhill alongside the road. Alas, these old barns have much going against them and it's only due to their quality construction that so many still survive:

A classic farm complex:

A barn and silo, both falling into disrepair but a memory of when this was big farm country. But I had nearly reached the highway and the farms along the way were being replaced by suburban style homes. I put my camera away and concentrated on getting home, where my five dogs were waiting:

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