Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Household Pets

I keep a baby gate at the foot of the stairs so the dogs can't go upstairs and get into things, but as soon as I open it, the four smaller pooches run to the top and form a welcoming committee:

Clover and Daphne somehow managed to twist their fleecy dog bed into a figure eight and then shared it, equally:

Rocky is hesitant about coming downstairs, doing so only cautiously, but he loves to sit on the stars and watch us pass by:

This is the first and only time I've seen Daphne atop Seamus. Usually it's Clover who does that:

I thought Georgette was coming downstairs and jumping up on the kitchen table for my company and that does seem to be part of her agenda, but I recently discovered she also has another goal in mind. She watches the activity outside the window at the bird feeders:

Jack, Fergus and Clover:

Two best friends, Bramble and Draco. I can see old age creeping into the shape of Draco's face. It used to be rounder and softer but now looks angular and reminds me that he is getting very old:

Bramble, Clover, Fergus, Daphne and Jack:

Now, here is the usual way it works - with Clover on top of Seamus:

Upstairs, the cats have four cat trees to choose from and I occasionally sprinkle them all with catnip. Rocky does look stoned here, doesn't he?:

A typical bedtime or nap time, with Jack under the bed. He comes out from under the bed after awhile and hops up with the other small dogs:

See? There's Jack. He's become an accepted member of the dog pack and family:

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