Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Dogs In The Brasher State Forest - Part 2

The dogs and I were hiking in the Brasher State Forest but the first trail we tried quickly ended in a loop, bringing us back to the car (see Part 1, posted yesterday). So we jumped back in the car and traveled a short distance back to where I'd noticed another trail:

This forest here was mostly White Pine, unlike the  Red Pine forest just a half mile down the road, and the trail clearly had seen truck traffic. Oddly, there was also less snow here:

But it was a grand adventure for my happy dogs. I'd hoped in vain that the first hike would have slowed the dogs down a bit, but it only seemed to have pepped them up:

There were some deep tire tracks on this trail and Clover thought she could navigate the wet spot by staying in the middle. After I'd seen both Clover and Seamus fall into the icy water, I decided to skirt the wet trail altogether:

This was a happy time for all of us, marred only by my constant, "Clover, get back here! Seamus, get back here! Daphne, stop!" But I guess that's how it is with five active dogs off leash:

Great fun and beautiful scenery:

Another bit of off trail exploring:

And then some more traveling on the trail:

This trail appeared to be very long, longer than I was able to handle that day. So we turned back toward where we'd parked and began hiking back:

This was a grand adventure and happy time. We hadn't really gone far and were soon back at the car and on our way home:

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