Sunday, February 21, 2016

South Bombay To Moira, New York - Part 1

It was a lovely February day and so warm that all our snow had melted. I decided to take a driving tour and headed out in the car for the settlement of South Bombay, where I turned east onto Franklin County Route 32 and began snapping pictures, beginning with this sprawling old farm house. I thought it would have looked right at home in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick:

This place looked lonely and forlorn, once someone's home but now abandoned:

This, I felt quite certain, was once a church. It appeared to be in the process of being turned into a home:

I don't know what this once was. It apparently once had two living quarters, perhaps quarters for farm workers. Despite its new roof, it seemed unused now:

But County Route 32 had few scenic farms and the sun was interfering badly with picture taking, so I turned south onto County Route 17, also known as Cooks Corner Road. I still had some trouble with the bright sun, but there were farms galore to photograph:

Though I saw no animals, this had the classic look of a horse barn:

A modern steel barn and an older, one story barn with a grain bin:

This farm home had dresses flapping in the breeze as they hung from a line on the porch:

I passed a very small and unmarked cemetery. Though it looked old, it was well cared for:

A giant old barn, on its way out. These behemoths are masterworks of construction but too expensive for most people to keep repaired. They are gradually falling into disrepair and, eventually, falling down. I like to photograph them because some day they won't be seen along the roads any more:

A small shed with a tractor and hay field behind it. But this road had lots of interesting and scenic farms to photograph, so I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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