Friday, October 11, 2013

Part 3 - A Rainy Day In Brasher State Forest

The dogs and I had enjoyed our amble in Brasher State Forest, but all too soon, or so it seemed, the time came for us to start back toward the car:

On the way I spotted this brilliant yellow, shiny mushroom in the middle of the trail and marveled that I'd missed it previously. It was a beauty, a Yellow Amanita I believe:

And Madeline was still smiling:

By this time the dogs were sticking close to me of their own accord, so I began to relax and give them a bit more freedom:

It began raining harder, so we stayed on the trail and continued to make our way back toward the car:

A yellow and brown mushrooms with jagged edges:

It had been a good day - relaxed and quiet, with the beauty of the forest all around us:

Then, just ahead of us, we saw our red car. The dogs immediately forgot about sticking with me and ran ahead joyously to get to the car. They're as excited to get back into it as they are to get out of it:

I passed these late blooming Goldenrod and New England Asters. That bumblebee in the lower right hand aster appeared to have died there, perhaps caught overnight in the chilly weather:

Once inside the car, I counted noses. Seamus and Fergus in the back seat:

And Clover, Madeline and Daphne in the front seat:

I took one quick shot of some red maple leaves before we began heading home. When we arrived back home, I discovered that PeeWee had slept under my desk the entire time and hadn't even noticed we were gone:

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