Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pets At Home

All the pets in my family are happy and healthy. They spend a great deal of their time snoozing, so that's where most of the pictures are taken. I also enjoy seeing them getting along so well. This first picture is a collection of resting critters: Daphne, Fergus, Clover, Snoozey and Seamus:

Seamus and Clover got comfy together while Bramble rested in the background:

Another floor pillow collection: Bramble, Clover, Daphne (yawning), Snoozey and Fergus:

This time, Madeline joined the floor pillow buddies: Seamus, Bramble, Daphne, Madeline, Clover, Fergus and the aptly named Snoozey:

Little PeeWee seldom joins the snooze-fests but he does join the dogs for outdoor times. His hearing and sight are extremely limited but he certainly saw and recognized me as I walked by outside the fence:

All the dogs except PeeWee on their ramp. They are happy dogs:

Draco (also deaf) has learned that the kitchen windowsills are great for watching the outdoors - and it's all the better if he sees me out there:

The usual cast of characters, once again keeping each other comfy company:

Draco found a new place to hide at the top of the stairs:

Georgette has several favorite spots and this is one of them, in the cat room where I keep food, water, pet carriers (AKA cat beds) and litter boxes:

But this is Georgette's main favorite spot, the place where she spends most of every day:

"Honest, Dad, I wasn't stalking the bird feeder. I promise:"

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