Monday, October 7, 2013

County Route 49, Winthrop New York - Part 2

I was making a driving tour of a short section of County Route 49 (see yesterday's post). It was a beautiful drive through the scenic rural landscape:

Although this was generally very flat land, I noticed that many homes were set up atop small rises and wondered if that was for better views or because of the nearby St. Regis River:

This was only a mile or so out of the village of Winthrop, not far from either Massena or Potsdam. I imagined that the local residents were folks who worked in town but loved rural living:

This home had a wonderful front porch on which I'd once seen a group of woman enjoying a sultry summer afternoon in the shade of those trees:

Besides farm land, there were patches of forest:

A home with a flag and double garage:

Another home with a double garage, but also a three stall, free standing garage:

RJ Firearms, probably a busy place in hunting season:

A carport and a little bridge for when the drainage ditch gushes with rainwater. But in spite of the big rainstorms the previous night, it contained no water when I passed by:

Just before I turned off onto the state highway, I stopped to snap a photo of this well cared for home with its classic red barn. Though it is faster to stay on the state road, I often will detour by way of the county road just for the scenery:

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