Sunday, October 13, 2013

Early Autumn On The Farm

This is a rather random collection of photos from early autumn and I've resisted the impulse to try to put them in some kind of order. They are just random. This first one is of the chickens grazing the lawn beneath the apple trees, with the winter's hay supply in the background:

The  chickens took over the entire yard, going everywhere and getting into everything (and pooping up a storm wherever they went). They quickly discovered that the wild birds dropped a lot of seed on the ground:

And they liked my porch so much that I had to bring in the welcome mat and keep a gate at the top of the stairs:

The neighbors gave me some leftover squash, so I chopped them up and gave them to the chickens. The were down to rinds within the hour:

The house sat peacefully, just where it had been for nearly 200 years:

The tractor got its first (and hopefully last) flat tire. The dealer came out and removed it, repaired it and put it back on:

The barn was cleaned to a fare thee well, at least compared to how it was when I got it. This was the west side:

And the east side. It was almost time for the cattle to arrive and I had lots of work to do before they got here:

My little flock of bantams was out every day, eating well:

Alas, they also gobbled up all my tomatoes. It's hard to know how many red tomatoes they ate, but I'd guess it must have been at least fifty. These were tomato-fattened birds:

And lastly, a quiet shot of the apple trees, barn and winter hay supply. Winter would be here soon and I still had a lot to accomplish:

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