Friday, October 25, 2013

Chapter 3 - Wolf Lake State Park

We'd hiked in to Wolf Lake, my sister, five dogs and I, where we decided to stop and rest, enjoying the abundant natural beauty:

I sat by the shore and beside the scarlet blueberry bushes while I held Madeline:

Seamus sniffed around the area and then he too decided to rest his tired legs:

My sister gathered three of the dogs around her and enjoyed the views, the sounds and aromas of wild, natural Wolf Lake:

And it was certainly an exquisite sight:

But then we got up and turned back toward Moon Lake, our next destination:

We arrived at the Moon Lake lean-to:

The Moon Lake lean-to had a large, flat, sloping rock for a sort of "beach." It was a very fine place for another rest and place to take in all the beauties of nature:

My dear, sweet Seamus, being a pit portly, very much needed a rest. And I knew just how he felt:

Moon Lake was a wilderness gem. In this sort of fine weather, a person might decide to just stay there:

A place for contemplation and wonderment:

My sister collected all the dogs around her briefly, and then we set off for Huckleberry Lake, about which I'll post tomorrow in Part 4:

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