Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chapter 2 - Wolf Lake State Park

We were hiking the Wolf Lake Loop Trail and enjoying the natural beauty of it all, including the small wonders such as a patch of Bunchberry, still in bloom so late in the year:

We entered a forest, a brief interlude between beaver ponds:

The walking was rocky and treacherous in many places, at least for a guy like me with damaged ankles:

Still more beaver ponds. By this time we'd already lost count. They sure were lovely, though:

The walking here was dicey. We had to make our way across the rocks between a giant fallen tree and the beaver pond. Daphne and Clover had no such problems. Instead, they simply walked the length of the log:

There were fewer mushrooms than I'd expected, but they were wondrous, intricate creations:

Back into the forest, my sister and Madeline (who is her "grand-dog") kept closely together:

The terrain lifted and became largely a series of huge, flat rocks. The trees grew on top of these flat rocks and several recent blow-downs made it clear to us that their root systems were indeed exceedingly shallow:

We finally arrived at lovely Moon Lake. But we kept on walking, as we were headed for Wolf Lake and would then return to Moon Lake and take a closer look:

We walked along Moon Lake briefly:

And then back into the forest:

We arrived at Wolf Lake in short order and it was a thing of beauty, a place of wild, natural peace. We decided to stop and rest here, but I'll post about that tomorrow in Part 3:

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