Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Is For Pumpkins!

I was on my way back home from Potsdam when I took note of the very many roadside stands selling pumpkins, not to mention a wide variety of gourds and other vegetables. But the pumpkins in particular caught my eye. This stand had nearly everything as well as a locked enclosure to store things in overnight:

This roadside stand consisted merely of a picnic table, a sign and a can in which to put your money. The orange chrysanthemums added to the autumn theme:

This was purely decoration, but especially nice - an Amish buggy filled with pumpkins and a horse, grazing in the background:

A real commercial roadside stand had only a few pumpkins but lots and lots of gourds:

This Amish farm was loaded with both pumpkins and gourds:

Another Amish farm stand with lots of pumpkins:

This too was an Amish stand. In fact, you can see the team of horses uphill behind the stand, beneath the leafy tree:

A smaller, family operation:

And a commercial operation in Hopkinton:

I continued on toward Brushton and Malone, passing this roadside stand. A mile or two down the road, a pickup truck caught up to me and flagged me down. I stopped, thinking I must have something wrong with my car. But it was the owner of the farm stand, wanting to know why I'd taken photos. He'd had recent thefts and feared I was spreading the word about where to steal things. So much for country and small town folk being honest and not needing to lock things up:

Another farm stand, this one with the pumpkins in the back:

This amazing display is actually the same farm as one of the above photos, but taken at a different angle. It was an Amish farm:

Look. Green striped pumpkins! Oh, wait..........never mind:

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