Friday, October 4, 2013

And More Scenes From Around The Farm

I was working on the fence line (Yes, again!) when I saw this little toad and stopped to get a photograph of him on a bed of moss:

My friends, Rick and Dave, came up to visit and brought their little dog, Pixel:

I convinced them to set Pixel up on a hay bale for a photo:

The chickens, I'm sorry to say, began taking over the whole yard. And that includes the garden, where they were gobbling up ripe tomatoes:

I'd hoped they'd eat bugs - but not tomatoes. It's a darn good thing I planted so many tomato plants:

The colors of autumn began with blue skies, yellow apples, crimson crab apples, a red barn and lots of green leaves and grass:

The chickens also began straying up onto the porch, into the dog yard and over to the bird feeder, pooping everywhere along the way. I had to check before letting the dogs out:

Tomatoes were abundant. This bowl was about 14" X 14" and filled to overflowing, even after I threw out all the tomatoes the chickens ruined:

I fixed up the guest room because my sister was coming to visit. This was the northeast corner:

The northwest corner:

The southwest corner:

And the view out the window. There was a lovely rural view:

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