Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beautiful, Peaceful Slush Pond - Part 2

My sister and I were exploring the floating peat bog at Slush Pond and the dogs had led us out to the edge:

My sister enjoyed eating the abundant cranberries but they were too tart for my taste:

The dogs had no fear of the edge, though ponderous, gigantic Seamus did fall through once. He was able to get himself out of the water, though, and didn't need to be rescued:

Madeline sniffed a clam shell and took a drink of water:

I led the way as we walked along the channel, headed toward the main body of Slush Pond:

There are no signs at the road for Slush Pond and most people don't know about it. That leaves it pristine and wild for us to enjoy:

Madeline was a very happy little Papillon:

This patch of red sphagnum was so brilliant that the ripe cranberries atop it are barely discernible. You can see the cranberry stems, though, looking here like little necklaces strung artistically across the red cushion:

We continued to make our way toward the wider pond:

There were also patches of golden sphagnum which made a spectacular display, all adorned with bright red cranberries:

Fergus smelled something interesting. There were two empty clam shells there, so perhaps a raccoon had been dining recently, leaving behind a fascinating scent:

Walking was dicey and the floating peat bog gave way beneath our feet. We couldn't stop for long because our feet would sink down under water. We had to keep moving:

Once our exploration of the bog was over, we returned to the car. The piney forest was as lovely as the peat bog. There was beauty everywhere:

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