Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pets On Pillows

You've probably noticed that a large percentage of my pet photos are of the animals on the floor pillows in the farm house kitchen. Since I'd accumulated a lot of such photos, and since they illustrate the animals getting along so well, I collected them into a special post. This picture was significant because it was the very first time little PeeWee had used the floor pillows. The other pets here were Seamus, Daphne, Fergus, Clover and Bramble:

Seamus, Clover and Madeline:

Daphne, Madeline, Clover and Fergus:

All right, the next two photos are not of the floor pillows, but they seemed to fit in anyway. This first one shows the dogs in their yard with the chickens just outside the fence. I'm happy to report that when the two have accidentally gotten together, no chickens were harmed. In fact, they all seemed to act like buddies:

Georgette atop her cat tree at the top of the stairs. She spends a lot of time there and I probably reinforce that by petting her whenever I walk by:

OK, back to the floor pillows. This was Daphne, Seamus and Clover:

Seamus, Daphne, Snoozey, Bramble, Clover and Fergus:

Fergus, Snoozey and Clover:

Fergus (just barely visible), Seamus, Bramble, Clover, Snoozey and Daphne:

Seamus, Madeline, Daphne, Snoozey, Clover and Fergus:

Fergus, Madeline, Clover and Seamus:

This last photo has the usual cast of characters: Seamus, Daphne, Bramble, Clover and Fergus:

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