Saturday, October 12, 2013

Exploring Vice Road, Brasher Falls New York

The dogs and I were on our way home from our short hike in the Brasher State Forest when I decided to get out my camera and snap some pictures of Vice Road, an exceptionally rural road with few homes:

There was this collection of sheds and camper. I didn't know if anyone lived there, but figured it was possible because I saw rabbit cages:

There was Rick's Used Auto Parts and Vince Savage's Garage, right next door to each other:

The road tapered off to a narrow dirt lane through the woods. I continued on for a short while:

But stopped and turned around when I realized we were in a logging operation:

So I headed back toward town to see what houses we could see along Vice Road. This home looked pleasant and well kept:

This small building with Adirondack siding might have been someone's camp or a guest house for the home next door. I couldn't tell, but I loved the heavy plank bench out front:

This pretty little home had a cute porch:

A home with three garden gnomes out front:

A gazebo and old farm house behind a split rail fence:

And a classic red barn:

A green home with stone facing:

And a white home behind a very large hedgerow. There weren't many houses on Vice Road and it apparently served only the residents and those people going into the state forest or to the two automotive repair business. But I liked its rural, back-woodsy character and was happy I'd slowed down to take a closer look:

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