Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walking The South Hay Field

It was a happy day when my sister arrived for a week's visit to see me and, of course, also to see her beloved grand-dog, Madeline. The weather for the entire week was spectacular and we started it off by taking a walk in the south hay field with the dogs:

The electric fence was unplugged and I let the dogs run to their hearts' content:

And little PeeWee came along, happy as a clam, albeit a little bit confused:

We walked the length and breadth of the field while the dogs ran and played all around us:

When we got to the corner where I'd had to do so much heavy brush clearing, I showed my sister all the work we'd done. Notice PeeWee romping like a puppy in this photo:

Alas, right after the last photo was taken, PeeWee started trotting back to the house and I had to chase after him. I finally put a leash on him, unsure how he'd react. To my surprise, he liked it! I guess it gave him a sense of security to know, in spite of his extremely limited sight and hearing, that he was safely tethered to us. We continued to tour the field:

My sister gave special attention to her beloved grand-dog, Madeline:

The little dogs ran back and forth under the fence. For giant, obese Seamus, it was more awkward:

We sampled some wild apples:

And began heading back to the farm house:

We'd pretty much walked the perimeter of the south field and it felt good. We'd be doing a lot of hiking in the days to come, so this was a nice warm up:

We arrived back at the house and barn, giving my sister a look at the little chickens. She developed an affection for them as the week progressed, taking over their care and petting them before turning off their lights each night. All in all, this was a good start to her week's visit. Later that night, we dined on roasted chicken from my own roosters:

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