Thursday, October 31, 2013

Autumn Farm Scenes

I wasn't sure how to title this post. It's a collection of photos of many different kinds, beginning with a couple of my own little roasters, cooked with onions. They were delicious:

This baby Cottontail was hopping around my lawn while I was mowing. I didn't want to run him over so I stopped, got off the mower and walked over to him. He hunkered down, apparently hoping I wouldn't see him. I even got to stroke his fur once before he gave up trying to hide in the clover and bolted for the bushes:

Lots of New England Asters bloomed everywhere:

And my little hens (and one remaining rooster) quickly learned that the wild birds dropped lots of seed on the ground below the feeder:

I let the chickens out every morning. They're so tame now that they often (not always) come when called:

And they roam freely, dining on garden leftovers, birdseed, grass and bugs:

Canada Geese filled the skies and the corn stubble in neighboring fields:

The trees around my own north hay field turned a variety of colors:

It was a brilliant display:

Hay and apples grew well this year, and apparently the forest trees were happy also:

Summer's rainy weather cleared up and turned beautiful for autumn:

I didn't have cattle to water yet, but I did have my new, frost-proof hydrants with which to water the new plants I'd put in next to the south hay field. You can also see my new hay bale feeder in this photo. Everything was ready and waiting for the cattle to arrive from Virginia. Well, everything but the interior of the barn - but that's a post for another day:

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