Thursday, October 17, 2013

Part 1 - The Pinnacle, With My Sister and The Dogs

On the second day of my sister's visit, I decided that a hike up to The Pinnacle would be in order. We drove down Route 458 to this turn off and then 1.7 miles on a one lane dirt road uphill to the trail head. And for you alert readers - yes, the state sign maker did indeed spell "pinnacle" incorrectly:

We signed in at the kiosk, a bit of a tricky job because someone had fired about 6 large bullets through the sign-in book. Then we gave a call to all five dogs (PeeWee was home, sleeping) and began ascending the trail:

The trail zig-zagged uphill and we walked over lots of rocks and colorful, fallen leaves:

The Papillons all climbed up on this rock but, restless souls that they are, were long gone by the time I got my camera lifted and aimed in the right direction. I did, however, manage to get a photo of Fergus, my sister and Seamus:

The trail took us by large ledges and Daphne waited patiently for us to catch up:

Woo, Woo! Running through the woods full speed!:

Can't you walk any faster, Dad?:

My sister likes to hike in Ohio, and we grew up hiking in Oregon. But there is something unique and embracing about Adirondack forests. She felt it also:

The trail up to The Pinnacle is not long and we were soon at the top. Madeline and Daphne ran right out to the edge:

As you can see, the autumn view was breathtaking:

Clover and Daphne liked to live dangerously, but they were surefooted and I began to relax. If big ol' clumsy Seamus had walked out there, I'd surely have panicked:

And speaking of Seamus, this was as close to the edge as he got. He seemed to know better than to go any farther. But there was still more for us to see, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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