Friday, October 18, 2013

Part 2 - The Pinnacle, With My Sister and The Dogs

We'd reached the top of the trail, the scenic overlook called The Pinnacle. While the Papillons were out exploring the rocky precipice, Fergus found a safer rock to climb, away from the edge:

Clover, always the little adventuress, was taking a walk on the wild (and scenic) side:

And the view was stunning. We could see two broad sections of the St. Regis River Flow, both of which we'd also seen from below as we traveled to the trail head:

There was also a beaver pond at the base of the precipice. A stone thrown off the edge here might well have landed in the beaver pond:

Daphne and Clover found a place for a quick drink at the very top - but didn't drink any because I immediately called them back to me:

There were Mountain Ash berries:

And scarlet Maple leaves:

The weather was perfect, the view was magnificent, the autumn color was ideal. It was a good day:

It's difficult to get good photos of Seamus, my gentle giant. He's solid black and the pictures tend to make him look like an inky blob. But he's a happy boy who loves getting outdoors and I was happy to find a photo where you could get a better look at him:

But it was soon time to head back downhill to our parked car:

The forest floor was covered with Mountain Maple leaves. Their variegated and multicolor autumn colors are my favorites every year:

And almost to the trail head, we stepped over this brilliantly scarlet mushroom, edged in gold. It was right in the middle of the trail and I was delighted that neither dog nor person had stepped on it. I hope it survives to produce more little, scarlet mushrooms to brighten the forest floor in the future:

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