Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Happy Pets At Home

And here they are, more of - - Hey, wait a minute. Don't these dogs look startled and possibly even resentful at me, the photographer? Well, perhaps they just wanted their privacy. These pets are Bramble, Clover, Daphne, Snoozey and Fergus:

Little PeeWee in his doggy bed with one eye open to watch me. Other than the eye, though, he didn't move a muscle:

My new bird feeder location had a couple of drawbacks. The cats sit on the windowsill and dream of bird dinners and the dogs put nose prints all over the window:

Madeline, Snoozey, Clover, Daphne and Fergus on the kitchen floor pillows:

The sleeping arrangements: Madeline, Daphne, Clover and Fergus on the bed - Seamus and PeeWee on the floor with their own beds:

PeeWee watched out through the fence in spite of his very limited eyesight:

The doggy crew on their ramp:

A close-up of all six, although PeeWee's face got hidden behind a rose bush:

Even Seamus, AKA El Giganto, knows how to find a soft spot on which to get comfy:

More dogs in their back yard, but Seamus is missing:

That's because Seamus was on the other side of the yard where he tries to keep an eye on the neighbors and their dog:

"It's time to come in now, Dad:"

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