Friday, November 1, 2013

More Pets At Home

It's time once again for another collection of happy pet photos, beginning with this one of Bramble, Clover and Snoozey on the floor pillows. They surely do all get along well:

Little PeeWee has two doggy beds of his own, a small one downstairs and a bigger one upstairs:

PeeWee does also like to get up on my bed with some of the other dogs. I just don't leave him there unless I'm right nearby to keep an eye on him:

Bramble, always kind of shy, peeked around the half-wall at the top of the stairs to see what I was up to:

Georgette used that same half-wall to leap up onto her cat tree:

Best buddies, Seamus and Fergus:

And another floor pillow collection - Daphne, Snoozey, Madeline, Clover and Fergus:

Seamus and Madeline are also buddies:

I made a wooden scratching post, hoping that Draco would use it instead of the woodwork in the house. So far, no feline toenail has touched it, although Snoozey likes to nap between the uprights. Besides Snoozey, this photo shows both PeeWee and Madeline (watching from the background):

Snoozey stretched as he woke up while Bramble kept a wary eye on me. He never knows what I'll do:

And all six happy dogs on their ramp:

I happened to have the camera in my hands as I descended the stairs and saw this scene - faithful dogs and cat, awaiting my return from the wild unknown of upstairs:

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