Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Part 2 - County Route 54, Lawrence New York

I was traveling County Route 54 on my way to the town of Lawrence to refill my honey and taking photos along the way. I passed by Stauffer Farms, one of the largest in the area:

And this huge equipment shed and tarped pile of - well, some kind of silage:

A picturesque farm house with lots of vehicles:

I began to enter the village of Lawrenceville (in the town of Lawrence):

And I came into a pleasant residential area:

There were clean, comfortable homes here - places for folks who really like small town living:

This looked to me to be a former farm home with its barn now serving as a garage:

Comfortable, friendly homes:

And sprawling homes with wide porches:

Homes nearly hidden beneath trees:

I passed this old false front garage when I was just about at the intersection:

And next to it was this old, matching building which seemed to contain apartments. The front of this building faced the highway and appeared to once have been a store of some kind, perhaps the general store for the area. But I'd come to the end of County Route 54 and it was time for me to put my camera away and go buy some honey:

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