Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Notes On Autumn Around The Farm

The New England Asters are all gone now, but just recently they were adding purple highlights to every corner and every roadside:

 The chickens have the run of the place and go everywhere, pooping all the while. Draco loves to watch them from the windowsill, probably dreaming of a chicken dinner:

 My three ancient Spireas had become so overgrown that they were becoming an eyesore. So as soon as the leaves had dropped, I took the chainsaw to them, cutting them down almost to the ground. They should come back, stronger than ever, this spring:

 And, in the process, I left myself a few rather sizable brush piles to haul away:

 Before I put the chainsaw away, I also tackled the Maples and other small trees which had sprung up in the Lilac patch, threatening to overtake it:

 The wild grapes were everywhere:

 And the yellow apples were also abundant. The chickens didn't seem interested in the fruit, but they found plenty of other edibles beneath the apple and flowering crab trees:

 I hauled the brush away in the tractor, taking it down to the woods. One little hen came over to investigate the big orange machine:

 My hay was all in for the year:

 The chickens had learned to use their roosts:

 And my little rooster got a bit of attention. I can't honestly say it made him any tamer, though:

Ripe apples were falling all over the lawn as the temperatures began to drop and the chill winds began to blow. All of nature was preparing for the winter which was soon to arrive:

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