Monday, November 11, 2013

Part 1 - County Route 54, Lawrence New York

This began as a simple drive to the town of Lawrence to replenish my jar of locally grown, minimally processed honey. But the day was so beautiful that I decided to take photos of County Route 54 along the way. The trees still showed lots of autumn color where they bordered the hay fields:

And small homesteads appeared here and there. This could easily be dubbed "The Little House On The Prairie." And just take a look at that sky!:

This little red vehicle was parked near several piles of firewood and I could only imagine that it was used for hauling it back from the woods:

I passed by extensive corn fields bordered by wild apples:

The corn was turning brown and I wondered if perhaps they'd waited a bit too long to harvest it. But I think the farmers intentionally let it stand so the kernels dry more and will store longer:

This was almost exclusively farm land but I passed by occasional homes without barns. I did, however, discover that I could only photograph the north side of the road. The low, bright sun spoiled any picture I attempted on the south side of the road. I may have to have a "south side post" some day:

This large, modern farm had rows and rows of either haylage bags or corn silage bags. I didn't know how to tell which they contained:

Lots of farm equipement and out buildings:

A red roof back in the red leafed trees:

Corn stubble:

An old, abandoned home:

And more autumn color beneath beautiful skies. But there was more to see and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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