Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Part 1 - Ferris Road In Lawrence, New York

I was driving to Lawrence to buy another jar of local honey and took a quick glance at the map to see if there were any local roads I hadn't seen yet. Ferris Road jumped out at me. I'd never even noticed it was there. So as soon as I'd purchased my honey at the self-serve farm stand, I turned onto Ferris Road and began my driving tour with this stone house:

Ferris Road was incredibly rural. I passed by many large fields of corn stubble:

I passed by this wonderful, comfy looking farm house, the sort of place I could imagine going for Thanksgiving dinner:

And a very large farm with many large, modern barns:

This barn seemed to be filled with hay. With a grain bin next to it, I imagined they called this their "feed barn:"

There were still a few fields of standing corn:

Another farm house with chairs on the porch and a barn out back:

A field of black and red cattle who seemed quite curious and friendly:

A modern home with lots of garage space:

A great big porch had been added to this modular home:

A very old barn with twin silos and modern equipment:

A manure spreader and hay bales beneath a cloudy sky. But there was still more to see on Ferris Road and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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