Sunday, November 17, 2013

Days Mill Road, A Scenic Treasure - Part 1

I'd discovered Days Mill Road just the other day and considered it so picturesque that I determined to get back there as soon as possible for a closer look. So back I went, turning off onto the unmarked Days Mill Road. It passed at first through forests and overgrown fields. This lovely brook especially caught my attention:

And then I came to this old barn, sitting all alone with the forest creeping up around it:

I began to see houses, though many of them sat far off the road, as well as driveways which led through the forest to homes not visible from the road:

This lovely old field was bordered by autumn woodlands:

I saw many old buildings. This home, with its garden fencing made of whitewall tires, had an honest to goodness, old log cabin in its side yard. I wondered it that might have been the original homestead on the road:

These two old sheds may not have been used in decades but clearly were built to last:

This old shed, with its nearby stone wall, appeared to have been used for storage - though perhaps not recently. All these historic buildings added a great deal of charm and mystery to the road:

This log cabin sat too far off the road for a good photo, but the entrance with the chainsaw bears, flowers and figures caught my eye. It seemed to me to be a place I'd like to live:

Old split rail fence ran for a great distance along the road and beneath a forest of Eastern White Cedars, the species from which it had been built. This section had an old "Posted" sign which had rusted to unreadability over the decades:

This fence may have been a hundred years old. Split cedar rails last a very long time:

I passed more homes, this one the brown and green colors of the surrounding forest:

And a farm field next to the road with an old fashioned hay rake. But there was more to see yet, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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