Monday, November 18, 2013

Days Mill Road, A Scenic Treasure - Part 2

I was traveling on Days Mill Road (see also yesterday's post) and came to this gorgeous farm field surrounded by split rail fence:

And an old barn, covered with wooden shingles:

A classic farm house, flying an American flag:

Laundry hung out to dry, with old out-buildings in the background:

Three horses, happy and contented beside this old barn:

This old house has been for sale for a very long time but the sign said it was currently "under contract:"

Another old farm house, this one up on a small hill:

And autumn colors helped accent this large old farm home:

An old barn, sitting off by itself in a field:

Another old farm house:

Someone's camp, tucked behind more Eastern White Cedars:

And this extremely pleasant house with its back porch overlooking the forest and river. This would be a wonderful place to come home to at the end of the day. But this marked the end of my driving tour, so I put my camera away and headed for my next stop, the feed store:

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