Thursday, November 21, 2013

Part 2 - Ferris Road In Lawrence, New York

I was taking a driving tour on the very rural Ferris Road (see yesterday's post) and passed by this terrific house with a big, ground level deck on one side and an elevated deck on another:

Old farm equipment, a hay field bordered by woods and wrapped hay bales/haylage:

This has been a busy haying season. Now it's time to start using it:

Another herd of black and red cattle, presumably Angus:

Way back off the road, behind the trees and with a gazebo:

Ferris Road took me through wooded country as well as farm fields:

Another place far off the road. I always wonder how much time such homeowners spend plowing snow in the winter, but I love the idea of being far off the road in the other seasons:

A cute little place with chairs on the porch. Warm autumn days would be a fine opportunity to sit there and watch the beauty all around:

Another farm house, this one with a bright red barn:

An ancient, abandoned barn and another outbuilding:

And not too far from the old barn stood this old, abandoned home, way back in the trees:

I came to the end of Ferris Road and shot one final photo of a red outbuilding and apple orchard. This had been a scenic journey which reminded me how happy I am to live in the beautiful, rural north country:

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