Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Country Autumn, Part 2

I took a drive on the Port Kent Road to see the autumn colors and, while I was at it, explored many side roads where I'd never been before. The result was a record of autumn glory which is repeated each year but never grows stale:

 Wonderful bursts of orange, gold, yellow and green, shooting skyward:

 An old cabin falling into ruin. It was an authentic log structure with chinking, a link to our past which soon will disappear:

 Brighter reds and oranges, all mixed in with green, blue and white:

 Towering color:

 Brilliantly orange with a smaller bronze tree nearby:

 Daphne seemed to appreciate the country color also as we passed by a farm field backed up by colorful forest:

 Exorbitant color:

 A logging operation with autumn trees and blue skies as a backdrop:

 An almost hidden meadow, set way back in the trees:

 A gloriously rich carpet of red and gold on a hill behind a farm field:

 The last photo I took on my way back home was of the St. Regis River, far below the highway bridge. It seemed to be the perfect way to draw this series of autumn color to a close:

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