Friday, November 8, 2013

White Hill Wild Forest - Part 2

The dogs and I were hiking in White Hill Wild Forest and had already gone beyond Clear Pond. We were now headed for two large beaver ponds farther down the trail:

There'd been some blow down but the foresters had chainsawed openings where the trail had been blocked. The leaf litter was so deep that we rustled with each step:

And the dogs were happy:

Of course I had to spend some time calling them back at first. Their enthusiasm is always a problem at the beginning of a hike. But they settle down after a while and stick close to me:

We continued deeper into the forest:

And I enjoyed the glorious autumn color. I suppose the dogs enjoyed the glorious autumn smells:

And I was happy:

But my injured ankles were bothering me and I decided to turn back toward the car. That would make this a very short hike but I had two more short hikes in mind which we could take on our way home:

So we ambled slowly back toward the trail head:

We stopped once more at Clear Pond when we got to the trail head:

And it was breathtakingly lovely. We were all alone in this magnificent wild area, a marvelous experience:

We bid farewell to Clear Pond and the White Hill Wild Forest. I loaded the pooches back up into car and we headed out. I checked a map and found a back roads shortcut to the Sylvan Falls trail, so that's where we headed. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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