Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nicholville To Lawrenceville, County Route 55 - Part 1

The sky was clear and the day beautiful, and I thought it might be one of the last we'd see before winter. So I grabbed my camera and headed to County Route 55, a rural road if ever there was one:

There were two story farm houses:

And one story houses. Have you noticed the multiplicity of garages? This is snow country indeed:

The Stony Knoll Bison farm:

The last time I'd passed the Stony Knoll Bison farm, the animals were right up near the fence. But on this day, they'd all decided to take a nap rather far off in the field. I decided to use my zoom lens:

There were untold acres of corn stubble, punctuated by standing stalks which the equipment had missed:

And if you had any doubts that this was farm country, how often do you see a sign such as this? I wonder if I could get one on my road?:

This grand farm home had lots of windows and lots of porch space:

Barns and hay/haylage galore:

A hay feeder out in the pasture:

A house with a very old barn and freshly cut firewood alongside the driveway:

Lots of pumpkins. But there was much more to see. I'll post Part 2 of my driving tour tomorrow:

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