Friday, November 22, 2013

Pets At Home, Living The Good Life

I often think, as I take pet photos and collect them into blog posts, that my animals have a pretty darn good life most of the time. For instance, here's old Snoozey, lounging on the floor pillows. Snoozey was a shelter cat, hidden away amongst the hundreds of other homeless felines and not one of the popular, desirable colors. He had a bad hernia and his future didn't look promising. But his personality was stellar and he remains one of the most pleasant, sweetest animals I've ever known. The shelter fixed his hernia (twice) and I adopted him. Now he's having a happy, comfy old age:

And the dogs enjoy their fenced yard where they can bark their fool heads off at every fluttering leaf without disturbing any neighbors:

The cats have their own room for food, water and litter boxes. They also have four cat trees at the top of the stairs. These two are inhabited by Rocky, Snoozey and Georgette:

Although there were no cats in the other two cat trees when I took this photo, these are the habitat of both Bramble and Draco:

Little PeeWee has two dog beds, one upstairs and one downstairs. He spends most of his day sleeping, so that's where most of his photos are taken:

This blog post has an abundance of PeeWee-in-bed photos, this one with Madeline keeping him company:

Georgette spends most of her day atop the tallest cat tree, but she's also the official Bathroom Kitty and joins me there whenever I enter:

Yes, this is PeeWee again. Because my bedroom is carpeted and several of the dogs have not been respectful about their potty habits, I section it off with baby gates and cover the at-risk section of carpet with a plastic tablecloth each night:

PeeWee, being nearly deaf and nearly blind, is happy to spend most of his days and nights in his doggy beds.

And, if I may say so, PeeWee certainly does know how to drape himself charmingly over his dog bed:

Here's another shot of the old guy, too exhausted from his day of napping to get entirely into bed:

And yet the biggest attraction in the house for all of them is the collection of floor pillows in the farm house kitchen. You can see the result:

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