Thursday, November 7, 2013

White Hill Wild Forest - Part 1

It was a warm and clear autumn day, far too beautiful to spend it at home working. Besides, I was all caught up with everything I'd planned to do. So I put the dogs in the car and headed down to White Hill Wild Forest. This was new to Madeline, although the other dogs had been there before, and she looked excitedly out the window as we turned down the narrow road into the forest:

Our first stop was Clear Pond. Seamus, Fergus and Clover remembered it and ran directly down to the shoreline:

Seamus waded right in while Daphne merely had took a cool drink:

Then we returned to the trail which more or less followed the edge of Clear Pond:

Of course we returned to the water at every opportunity:

The three Papillons, AKA "The Silly Sisters," did a bit of rock climbing along the shore. Those red bushes were either Highbush Blueberries or Black Huckleberries:

We kept returning to the trail but then taking side trips back to the water:

The forest was wondrous, dark and sweet smelling:

And the autumn colors in the hardwood sections, were brilliant. Little Daphne looked like she was watching a fireworks display:

We returned once again to the water's edge:

You can see why I love this area so much.

But soon enough we were past the end of Clear Pond and heading deeper into the forest. I'd hoped to get as far as one (or maybe both) of the large beaver ponds I knew were ahead. But I'll tell the rest of the story in tomorrow's post:

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