Monday, September 16, 2013

White Road In Stockholm, New York - Part 2

I continued my driving tour of White Road in rural Stockholm, New York. There were newer homes:

And hay fields cut out of the surrounding forest:

A home surrounded by garden gnomes and even a Garfield and Tweety Bird:

Homes set so far back in the trees that I couldn't even see them from the road:

This home had cleverly kept many trees but mowed lawn around them. I'm sure it was a lot of work to keep it mowed, but the effect was exceedingly pleasant:

Someone was building a new side road through the forest and it looked private, not public. Perhaps it will be a new driveway or housing development:

This lovely old farmstead rested comfortably behind some of the biggest Cottonwoods I've seen in a very long time:

A home with several decks for leisurely afternoons on pleasant days:

A very old carriage house:

And another woodsy type house set back in the forest:

This small hay field filled with Joe-Pye-Weed was for sale. It would make a nice place to build a home:

Just after I passed this pleasant home with a travel trailer out back, White Road returned me to the main highway and that ended my driving tour:

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