Saturday, September 21, 2013

Part 2 - Brasher Center, New York

As I continued my driving tour of Brasher Center, I was impressed with this riverside home, old style split rail fence and daisies:

A smaller home with a couple of nice outbuildings:

A modern ranch with a hedge:

A modern, suburban style home:

A motorcycle for sale and an old farm wagon filled with flowers:

A cute cottage beneath giant old trees:

A very unusually shaped house:

Another large home which I'll bet was once a farm house:

A red steel roof like mine:

Nice outbuildings:

Brasher Center had a meat packing plant (yesterday's post) and an auction house, though the photos of the latter didn't come out well. I really liked the picturesque homes best anyway:

An extensive garden and two rustic buildings. My driving tour of Brasher Center had come to an end and I had to get home, where my dogs were waiting:

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