Sunday, September 22, 2013

Snapshots From Summer On The Farm

Here are some random scenes from summer on the farm, beginning with the newly mowed hay in windrows in the south field. And just look at that sky!:

Wild cucumber growing abundantly over an old stump in my lawn:

Hay bales drying in the sun:

Mowing hay in the north field:

He needed a wide turning radius:

I'd missed the cutting of the hay in the south field, so I watched with interest when they did the north field:

The chicks were growing rapidly and no longer needed heat so I turned off the light bulbs:

I kept opening their door to outside but they refused to go there. After all, they were happy and comfy inside. Who needed the outdoors?:

They were really beginning to look like Barred Rocks:

I put their food and water outside to tempt them:

It didn't work, so I took some of them and put them outside through their door to see how they'd react:

How did they react? The huddled, as if fearful, in a corner. I decided I was going to have to work on getting these birds used to going outside, but I'll post about that in the future:

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